Finally Free

“Please! Don’t do this. Please, no!” he begged on his knees, both arms chained and pulled by two unbelievably strong women on his two sides, tears rolling down his cheeks and falling on the marbled floor.

A man who had lost so much already was about to lose everything. His cries echoed through the hall. Of those who were witnessing the scene unfold in front of them, some tried shutting their ears to muffle his screams, and some kept watching as the man kept pleading at a distance.

“Serves you right, you monster!” a young man in the crowd shouted.

“Oh God, please end this quickly” a woman silently prayed.

“Daddy, I wanna go home” a little boy said looking up to his father, whose eyes were fixated on the ‘monster’. His voice got drowned out by the monster’s screams. “Daddy, I don’t wanna stay” he said again, a little louder this time. No effect. His father, like everyone else, was engrossed in what was happening.

Why wouldn’t they be engrossed? After all, the devil was about to pay for his sins. They would finally be able to live in peace again. Their small town would get lively again. Who doesn’t want a little peace? Everyone wanted it to be over. They wanted him to be over.

“Please” he kept begging. He couldn’t see the crowd standing behind him, and he didn’t care. All his eyes could focus on was his frightened little girl down on the floor, a tall man standing over her with an axe, ready to swing it. The axe of death had cut down all sorts of criminals without hesitating, and this time was no different.

“She has nothing to do with it. Take me. Please, spare her. She’s all I have left.”

“Silence!” said the priest, ending his prayer. “You have been possessed by evil, and for that, everyone close to you shall be judged. And then it will be your turn. The child knows this. Look at how calm she is at her core. This is what the Gods want.”

But, of course, the little girl didn’t know the reason. She was equally horrified by the man with the axe and her Papa crying. She was crying too. She wanted to fall asleep in his arms while he told her stories of unicorns and dragons. That was their daily routine. Until today, that is.

“Papa” she finally managed to cry out.

“Debbie, don’t worry. Papa’s gonna get you out of here” he tried to console her, knowing fully well it was a lie.

The priest had had enough. He nodded his head slightly. The executioner’s eyes lit up. His grip around the axe of death tightened. He lifted it up all the way back.

“No! Please don’t!”

“Quiet, you mongrel. Do not obstruct justice.”


“Please, I’m begging you. Please don’t. Please stop, please.”

“I said quiet!”

“Papa! Pa-” and then there was silence.

The shouting stopped. The pleading stopped. The crying stopped.

With another short prayer, the priest signaled the executioner to move toward their last convict for the day. Then he heard a murmur coming from the demon’s direction.

Moving toward him, the priest said “What was that? Are you asking for your final wish? You don’t get any, you swine.”

The priest asked again “What did you say, you monster? Are you acknowledging your crimes? Tell me!” He kept advancing toward the monster and the monster finally looked up. Their eyes met and the priest froze in his tracks. So did the executioner.

With a sinister grin and a deep voice, he said “I’ll kill every single one of you.”

Before anyone could react, black fluid covered his body, took the shape of long scythes and started chopping away. There were screams and cries and loud thuds. And then, silence again.

He stood up and freed himself from the chains. After stretching a bit, he took a deep, long breath and looked up.

Ahh, mother. I’m finally free.”

The End

Happy Mother’s Day ^-^

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